Commercial Strategies for Fleet Management

At Strategic Fleet Solutions, we can provide you with an independent assessment of your current fleet costs. We then create a logical and cost effective financing plan based on the now known true fleet usage and work towards consolidation for leverage.

Policies and Procedures

We can conduct a thorough review of the current policies and procedures used to manage and record the assets associated with your fleet.   During this review alternate processes are often recognised which lead to improving how the fleet is managed on a daily basis. The ensuing report will contain the findings and outline recommendations to streamline the process.  Invariably this is the starting point to reduce the fleet costs and improve the bottom line.
Review of the policies and procedures for fleet management

Model Selection and Whole of Life (WOL) cheaper Costs

The selection of the most appropriate vehicle make and model is a critical component of an effective fleet strategy. Many purchase decisions are based on short term cost benefits such as one brand being than the others, or a particular manufacturers discount being larger. Whilst these need to be considered there are other factors which greatly influence the long term commercial costs of the fleet. Model life cycles and new product introductions have a significant impact on the commercial platform for the next fleet term. SFS has an intimate understanding of these market influences and will ensure the selection process takes into consideration safety improvements, fuel technologies, policy changes within industries and more. SFS will deliver the most suitable tool of trade unit with the best possible WOL costs for the client.

Environmental and Safety Platform

Is green really green? There is a lot of marketing from all sides in relation to the ‘best’ environmental performers from a fleet perspective. Our aim is to take away the fiction and provide a detailed report and comparison of present environmental and safety platforms versus a future model. SFS will bring expertise from other industries which may be implementing new products or standards that will influence your industry at a later stage.
Strategies for environmental and safety standards being followed

Utilisation and Maintenance Strategies

Making sure your fleet and assets work for you is vitally important in minimising the costs associated with running a fleet. Your investment is significant and therefore should be considered an asset not a liability. A structured Utilisation and Maintenance Plan is a key ingredient in delivering strong WOL costs as the care of your assets is rewarded when it comes time to refresh your fleet.SFS will devise and monitor your Utilisation and Maintenance Plan to ensure drivers and operators take responsibility for the assets in their care and ultimately deliver a greater return on your investment

Fleet Changeovers and Ongoing Management

Changing from one fleet model to the next is often a daunting task and is the reason companies shy away from this project. SFS removes this hassle and will manage the fleet transition for you. Due to the smooth transition and the high level of service, many clients have chosen to retain SFS as their ongoing fleet manager.
Strategies for smooth fleet transition

Please contact us at Strategic Fleet Solutions for all your fleet assessment needs and financial strategies. 

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