Fleet Strategy

What is a Fleet Strategy?

A successful fleet management strategy does not operate in isolation and should link in with your company's other strategic goals. It should be considered as part of the overall approach to asset management and ideally encompass your environmental aims.It is important to regularly review and update your corporate fleet strategy to ensure it remains effective and relevant and reflects the changing needs of your business. Very few companies have a detailed fleet strategy that links in to the overall business strategy. The fleet is a valuable tool when managed effectively, however it turns into a costly liability when mismanaged.An effective fleet strategy sets the platform for your organisation's approach to fleet management. It should be clear and concise and;identify the business need for the fleet, secure a fleet that is fit for purpose outline how your company will manage and maintain its fleet needs

How Can SFS Help?

The automotive industry is continually evolving with all manufacturers regularly releasing new models. This provides the fundamental reason to build a fleet strategy and review this on a frequent basis.SFS clients are delivered a concise fleet strategy that is clear in its direction and outcomes on the following segments; 
  • Internal fleet policies
  • Fit for purpose – make and model selection
  • Procurement – sourcing and availability
  • Commercial terms – manufacturer agreements and fleet discounts
  • Whole of life cost – leasing, ownership comparisons
  • Environmental platforms
  • Safety standards
  • Fleet transition plan and execution
  • Replacement and disposal
  • Utilisation and maintenance strategy
  • Systems and processes
Transport van complying on  the fleet strategy condition

Please contact us today at Strategic Fleet Solutions for our fleet strategies for your commercial operation.

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